Monday, February 5 2018



Railroaded: 'CEO made me spy on staff'

Whistleblower makes damning new claims against RSR CEO

Siphe Macanda
4 min read

‘The Guptas hijacked Vrede dairy farm idea’

SA businessman says he was the victim of a con

By Kyle Cowan
5 min read


Hundreds of rescue dogs could be out of water if Day Zero strikes Cape Town. But a donation of 69,000 litres from Johannesburg animal lovers in the first week of February is being used in an attempt to keep the rescue dogs’ bowls full no matter what comes their way.



Meddling water affairs minister acting ...

Water Minister Nomvula Mokonyane of acting “unlawfully” when she announced a planned merger with Umgeni Water.

Bongani Mthethwa
2 min read

What our fascination with Siam Lee reveals about us

Durban escort Siam Lee loved Canadian spoken word poet Rupi Kaur, was a gender activist and worshipped the human body ...

By Jeff Wicks
5 min read

O, koek! Too many people want koesisters

The humble koesister reduced renowned foodie Cass Abrahams to tears on national television. Now the Cape Malay treat — ...

By Nashira Davids
2 min read

Mermaids are real but fighting for survival

The Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique is one of the last areas in Africa where visitors have the chance of seeing ...

By Tony Carnie
3 min read

‘Insta-gran’ becomes an overnight sensation

A madcap Japanese great-grandmother armed with a camera and an appetite for mischief has shot to fame for taking ...

3 min read

Clever men make for healthy babies, smart women - not so much

If they want care and respect as a sexual partner and a child-bearer, women in developing countries should choose an ...

Dave Chambers
Cape Town bureau chief
1 min read

‘Call me baby’: Talking sex dolls that can also do the dishes

With China facing a massive gender gap and a greying population, a company wants to hook up lonely men and retirees ...

4 min read

Safta, Safta wins the race for SA's top two soapie-smiths

A new bride is shot dead in a shootout while celebrating her nuptials. A man goes on a rampage to avenge the death of ...

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An Iraqi Kurd takes part in a graduation ceremony. A total of 418 male and female Peshmerga fighters completed their military training.
don't let the lipstick fool you An Iraqi Kurd takes part in a graduation ceremony. A total of 418 male and female Peshmerga fighters completed their military training.

Six things about SA you need to know

Malema wants secret ballot for Zuma no-confidence vote

EFF president Julius Malema has requested that the motion of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma on February 22 be held through a secret ballot. In a letter addressed to National Assembly speaker Baleka Mbete‚ Malema argues that a secret ballot will help “protect the integrity of the result of the vote‚ security and livelihood of MPs”.

Mabuza: protection order nothing but a political ploy

ANC deputy president David Mabuza has slammed an interim protection order taken out against him by a wealthy Mpumalanga businessman and said it is nothing more than a political smear campaign. "I welcome the day that I can appear in court to answer these allegations‚" said Mabuza. On Monday sustainability developer and conservationist Frederick Daniel obtained an interim protection order against Mabuza to stop him from interfering in his business operations and from harassing him‚ his family and staff.

De Lille faces R5m 'bribery' complaint by DA

Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille says her lawyers will deal with a R5-million “bribery and corruption” complaint lodged against her by the DA. A weekend report by Akrikaans paper Rapport said the party had lodged a criminal complaint against De Lille in Cape Town on Friday. It stems from a complaint by Johannesburg businessman Anthony Faul who alleged that De Lille had sought R5-million for endorsing his product – a fire extinguisher that he was marketing to use in informal settlements in the city. When he refused to pay‚ the endorsement was allegedly withdrawn.

9-year-old shot during robbery in La Mercy

A nine-year-old boy was shot in the abdomen during a home invasion in La Mercy, north of Durban, at the weekend. Reaction Unit SA spokesman Prem Balram said it was alleged five armed suspects in a VW Golf had entered the property under the pretext of making enquiries about a crèche which was being run from the home. “The suspects then produced firearms and robbed the family of their personal belongings. As assailants exited the home they fired random shots towards the house‚ one of the bullets struck the nine-year-old child in abdomen while he was seated on his grandparents’ balcony‚” Balram said.

Another school torched in Vuwani

Police in Vuwani‚ Limpopo‚ are investigating circumstances surrounding the burning of a secondary school in the area. Shondoni Secondary School in Lwamondo village was set alight at the weekend. Police have revealed that thieves forced open burglar doors of the administration building and proceeded to set the building alight. While investigations were still ongoing‚ preliminary findings had determined that several items were stolen‚ including computers‚ a safe‚ steel cabinet and printers.

Maimane warns against DA being consumed by division

Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane has warned the party cannot allow itself to be consumed by division and infighting. Speaking at the party’s KwaZulu-Natal provincial congress in Durban‚ Maimane said the political playing field had changed and the view ahead was filled with danger and risk. “No longer can we satisfy ourselves by merely taking on the man from Nkandla‚ who has so harmed our country this past decade‚ and who gave us an easy target to aim at. And our party is learning the painful lessons of all fast-growing organisations. Our focus has been easily diverted from our core goal by navel-gazing‚ division‚ and jockeying for position‚” the DA leader said‚ adding that the pursuit of power could easily overtake the pursuit of the party’s ideals.



The succession mess we’re in is all the ANC’s own fault

The party has long known it must sort out its timing issues. It has done nothing.

Justice Malala
3 min read

Who you gonna pretend to call?

Rogue call centre agents can go as far as impersonating you

Wendy Knowler
Consumer journalist
4 min read

Oi troll, get your exploitative ass back to England

This week you may have read that controversial UK commentator and TV personality Katie Hopkins has asked to meet with ...

Tom Eaton
2 min read



Israel: You shoot, we take your land

Wildcat Jewish settlement made legal in tit-for-tat for Palestinians killing rabbi

3 min read

Harvey hit on me too ... and he wasn't the only one: Thurman

'Pulp Fiction' star opens up on the abuses she's endured during her career

By Catherine Gee
9 min read

There's a glimmer of light in one of Africa's hearts of darkness

After decades of grinding misgovernment, Guineans overcome their cynicism to vote.

2 min read

The tree-man has begun to grow again

A year ago Abul Bajandar, a Bangladeshi rickshaw-puller dubbed 'tree-man' for the bark-like growths that once covered ...

2 min read

'If you want all to end well, teach toddlers Shakespeare'

It's the best way to break down social barriers, says top educationalist.

By Camilla Turner
2 min read


Two lion cubs in their transportation cage in Sofia, Bulgaria, ahead of being moved to a sanctuary in The Netherlands. The cubs were born in an illegal zoo.
not born free Two lion cubs in their transportation cage in Sofia, Bulgaria, ahead of being moved to a sanctuary in The Netherlands. The cubs were born in an illegal zoo.


Less of 'M'Lud' and more of 'Hey bru', please

UK barristers are being taught to be less pompous in social situations in a bid to win over wealthy international clients. London’s Middle Temple has held training sessions teaching members how to “work a room” and to listen in conversation rather than impressing others with their intelligence. The tuition is intended to help the historic profession appear “up-to-date, modern and vibrant” to clients who can take their business anywhere in the world. — © The Daily Telegraph

Um, no, Mr Ryan, $1.50 a week is not a big pay rise

US House Speaker Paul Ryan has come under fire over a tweet that framed a worker’s $1.50-per-week pay increase as an impressive result of his Republican Party’s massive tax cut plan. The tweet, now deleted, told of a secretary featured in a report who was "pleasantly surprised" by the marginal pay rise, drawing condemnation from critics who accused the politician of being out of touch with lower-income Americans. — © The Daily Telegraph

Power to the people, as state becomes one big battery

Some 50,000 homes in South Australia will receive solar panels and Tesla batteries in a landmark plan to turn houses into a giant, interconnected power plant. The state is already home to world’s biggest battery in an Elon Musk-driven project to provide electricity for more than 30,000 homes. Under a new plan unveiled on Sunday, a network of solar panels linked to rechargeable batteries will be provided free to households and financed by the sale of excess electricity generated by the network, the government said. — AFP

Turns out Woody the Woodpecker really is a blockhead

For a person, slamming your head full force into a tree trunk could be enough to knock you silly. Woodpeckers do this untold thousands of times during their lives, and these birds have thrived on Earth for some 25 million years. But new research shows for the first time that all this pecking seems to carry consequences for the woodpecker’s brain. Scientists said an examination found build-ups of a protein called tau in woodpeckers’ brains that in people is associated with brain damage. — Reuters

Snow small risk as bus carries 1.6 tons of the stuff

Swiss police on Sunday stopped a coach due to safety concerns after it was spotted driving on a major highway with 1.6 tons of snow piled on the roof. “A control of the Swedish coach revealed that the layer of snow (on the roof) was more than 40 cm thick and weighed over 1,600 kg,” a police statement said. Driving with so much snow on the roof poses a “significant risk“, they warned. — AFP

Watch Ramsay and more than your language gets dirty

Celebrity chefs can turn viewers into dirty and unsafe cooks as they pick up their bad habits, a study has found. Viewers pick up basic hygiene errors including wiping hands on tea towels, not washing chopping boards between preparing different ingredients, using finger tips to sprinkle salt or pepper and not washing hands after coughing, sneezing, scratching or touching their hair. — © The Daily Telegraph



This is how democracy works, Steinhoff. Get used to it

It was just over an hour into the day’s proceedings when the starkness of the cultural differences became apparent. A ...

By Ann Crotty
4 min read

The pep is back in the step of STAR's shares

Steinhoff Africa Retail’s (STAR) share price has recovered significantly following the bloodbath in December.

By Michelle Gumede
2 min read

We got into a right royal, but totally unnecessary tizz over Viceroy

South Africa quite simply isn't used to the kind of criticism that was doled out to Capitec

By Stuart Theobold
4 min read



Hey Siri, what colour are farts?

Smartphones are damaging our ability to communicate.

By Jemima Lewis
2 min read

Childhood punishments have become adult pleasures

Childhood punishments have become adult pleasures

By Annabel Rivkin and Emilie McMeekan
3 min read

OH, THE AGONY: Should I shack up or not?

Tongue-in-cheek advice for your most profound problems

By Yolisa Mkele and Nina Hastie
1 min read



SPORTS DAY: Around the world

A look at all the day's top sports stories.

By Agencies
14 min read

Boxing may be a graveyard, but these old warriors are still standing

“Boxing is a graveyard,” an old bloke told a baying audience as the spotlights swirled and the smiles smeared in the ...

By Telford Vice
5 min read

Blasts from the past

On this day in history - February 5 1965 — A Pretoria umpire walks off court mid-match to protest the constant ...

By David Isaacson
1 min read