Paul Ash

Senior reporter

Paul Ash is a senior reporter at the Sunday Times, covering transport, environment and wildlife, farming, tourism and defence. He was a 14-year veteran of the paper's travel section before moving to the newsroom in 2020 to focus on writing, reporting and telling stories in sound.

13 September 2021 FREE

Hail of bullets: where rounds go when fired into the sky

By Paul Ash
5 min read
03 September 2021 FREE

Promising new Covid drugs are in the pipeline. Here they are

By Paul Ash
4 min read
02 September 2021 FREE

SA in discussions about Russian and Chinese Covid-19 vaccines

By Paul Ash
4 min read
30 August 2021 FREE

US Pfizer approval is the boost SA vax drive needs

By Paul Ash
6 min read
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