Nadine Dreyer

Features editor

Nadine Dreyer is features editor at the Sunday Times.

12 October 2021 FREE

Britney Spears’s hell: ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ comes to Hollywood

By Nadine Dreyer
9 min read
30 September 2021 FREE

R Kelly believed he could fly above morality. For too long, he did

By Nadine Dreyer
7 min read
07 September 2021 FREE

Angela Merkel, the assassin in sensible shoes

By Nadine Dreyer
6 min read
15 April 2020 FREE

Just when we knead it most, bread rises again

By Nadine Dreyer
2 min read
18 July 2019 FREE

So, Zuma is gatvol. Now he knows how SA felt about his presidency

By Nadine Dreyer
2 min read
04 June 2019 FREE

Scales of injustice: The fight for the imperilled pangolin

By Nadine Dreyer
4 min read
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