Max du Preez

Editor: Vrye Weekblad

Max du Preez is the editor of Vrye Weekblad, the well-known weekly anti-apartheid newspaper from the late 1980s and early 1990s that is now published online at every Friday.

02 December 2020 FREE

Judging our judges is dangerous, and an attack on SA’s democracy

By Max du Preez
3 min read
08 September 2020 FREE

The story of Madiba and the Afrikaner twins reveals a truth about racism

By Max du Preez
4 min read
21 July 2020 FREE

Cyril’s wasted chance: a New Dawn deferred is a New Dawn denied

By Max du Preez
5 min read
18 February 2020 FREE

De Klerk’s stupid remark poured oil on the fire of cheap populism

By Max du Preez
4 min read
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