Matthew Savides

Night news editor

Matthew is a multiple award-winning journalist who has worked as a reporter and news editor at the Sunday Times and TimesLIVE. He has a passion for environmental reporting. He is the night news editor at TimesLIVE.

01 October 2021 FREE

Level one at last, but at what risk as polls loom?

By Matthew Savides
5 min read
07 September 2021 FREE

‘A species in crisis’: extinction circling vultures in KZN

By Matthew Savides
3 min read
25 May 2021 FREE

Duo hopes to get South Africans in tune with Covid-19 science

By Matthew Savides
3 min read
17 May 2021 FREE

It’s inland SA’s turn to feel the full impact of the third wave

By Matthew Savides
7 min read
12 April 2021 FREE

Science doesn’t dig graffiti as it destroys evidence of ancient life

By Matthew Savides
6 min read
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