Graeme Hosken

Senior reporter

A reporter for the past 20 years, Graeme Hosken's passion lies in reporting on human interest, crime, grime, corruption and salacious mobster murders. He has a keen interest in investigative reporting, after covering the leaked #GuptaEmails, and has begun delving into the world of podcasting.

18 December 2020 FREE

SA’s R37m Covid fence ‘joke’

By Graeme Hosken
5 min read
01 December 2020

SA poachers’ brutal secrets revealed as convicts turn snitch

By Graeme Hosken
5 min read
26 November 2020 FREE

SADC at last forced to act on Moz insurgency

By Graeme Hosken
2 min read
12 November 2020 FREE

Choking off Moz insurgents’ food supply endangers thousands of lives

By Graeme Hosken
4 min read
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